Short Bio:


Will Drach is a student, systems administrator, and general hacker. He likes long hikes on mountains, overnight hacking sessions, the Oxford comma, and talking in the third person. He does everything tech related, from gaming to hardware building, including Javascript coding, bit-banging micro-controller scripting, and technical writing.


2015 - 2017

  • Coded a unit testing framework for a content management Javascript library.
  • Built an API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
  • Built a dynamic image resizing service using Node JS, Redis, and Restify.
  • Worked as a backend/feature developer for a Node JS, RethinkDB, Express4, and AngularJS based web application
  • Worked as a backend developer for a Node JS/Express4 based API

University of Colorado at Boulder  
2014 - 2015

  • Student systems administrator charged with basic administration tasks (account creation, certification modification, etc.)
  • Did client work ranging from basic permissions problems to hardware failure.
  • Lots of internal work including an HTML to .txt wiki merge and localizing VMs.
  • Python scripting including multiple production scripts.
  • Small amounts of shell scripting and configuration management work.

Summer 2013

  • Built (software only) and configured multiple basic Ubuntu Linux systems.
  • Setup Nagios based server-side monitoring.
  • Participated in VictorOps’ (Nagios API based on-call monitoring) early alpha.

Flixmaster/Rapt Media
Summer 2012

  • Worked as a QA and testing intern to find issues on an HTML5 based website.
  • Used various tools (such as Firebug and Wireshark) to ensure safety and rigidity of the site.

Precision Steel Tech
2011 - 2013

  • Worked with a small team to produce steel pieces for metal roofing
  • Learned a lot about shop safety
  • Learned how to accurately shape steel using basic shop instruments (drill press, rubber mallet, tin snips) in order to produce pieces with low error tolerances.

Online Commerce Networks
2010 - 2012

  • Built a site for selling unique cufflink designs. The site was built on Prostores using Shipwire integration to handle logistics.
  • Communicated with Chinese manufacturers in order to bulk order a product.


University of Colorado at Boulder
2013 - 2017

Electrical and Computer Engineering Major
Computer Science Minor

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Track
Engineering, Science, & Society Certificate

Major GPA: 3.61 Total GPA: 3.55

ThunderRidge High School  

GPA: 3.6      7 AP classes, 2 concurrent enrollment classes



  • Built a specification driven testing framework that generates Mocha tests based off of a Swagger API specification file.


  • Built a NodeJS based dynamic image resizing API.
  • Utilized the RESTful API model and Redis caching to make it fast and easy to use.


  • Built a REST API server with Flask that would pull a JSON object from Firebase, parse it into a more human readable and iterable format, and then push the new JSON object to S3.


  • Built a 2 wheeled robot from scratch, including closed loop speed control, basic wireless steering, and Arduino driven movement commands.
  • Constructed a final project that consisted of using a Raspberry Pi to drive the robot using inputs from Twitter.


  • Built a CLI for ServiceNow using Python and Requests.
  • Utilized modular design and objects to maximize usability and efficiency.
  • Focused on making it easy to use and easy to configure.


  • Group project to build an Arduino tilt-based music synthesizer.
  • Utilized I2C communication to pull input from an accelerometer and generate tones.


  • Built a Python based random password generator that uses dictionary words instead of random strings.


  • Built a ANSI color module in Python for use in command line based scripts.


  • Rebuilt an old Perl script used to alert users about disk usage on systems without quotas.
  • Heavily optimized the script using Linux commands and built-in Python constructs.
  • Built a configurable interface with a simple configuration file.

Digital clock

  • Designed and built a clock from scratch for CU EE’s freshman design course.
  • Done using a 555 1Hz oscillator, a self-built power supply, counters, and logic gates.

Senior Project: Thunderridge Highschool

  • Learned about basic penetration testing and website manipulation.
  • Tested findings on a local small business’ production site.


Angular JS • Apache • ARM • AWS • C • C++ • Coffeescript • CSS • Express • Fish • Firebase • Git • GM • Grunt • HTML • Javascript • Linux • Mathematica • Matlab • Mocha • Moment • Mongo DB • Node JS • NPM • Passport • Q • SASS • SPICE • Socket IO • Stripe • Swagger • Redis • Restify • Rethink DB • Webpack

Notable Courses:

  • Advanced Humanities
  • Calculus 1, 2, & 3
  • Circuits 1 & 2
  • Data Structures
  • Differential Equations
  • Digital Design Lab
  • Digital Logic
  • Discrete Math
  • Engineering Economics
  • History of Technology
  • Linear Systems
  • Operating systems
  • Programming Digital Systems
  • Project Management


  • Speedcubing
  • Cooking
  • Open source programming
  • NPM and PIP Libraries
  • Church leadership
  • Technical writing
  • Hackathons:
    • HackCU Local Hack Day (October 2016)
    • HackCU 2016 (April 2016)
    • HackCU Local Hack Day (October 2015)
    • PicoCTF (May 2013)
    • Defcon CTF Qualifiers (May 2013)
  • VP of CU League of Legends Club: 2013-2015
  • Competitive Indoor Drumline: 2010-2013
  • Orange Belt in Judo: 2008-2012


  • 1 Debate Letter : 2009
  • 4 Band Letters : 2009 - 2012
  • 2 AP Scholar Awards: 2012 / 2013
  • Multi-Percussion Award: 2012
  • 4 Semesters Honor Roll (3.5 GPA +) : 2010 - 2012
  • 2 Semesters Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 GPA +): 2012 - 2013
  • Graduate: Youth Leadership Douglas County: 2013
  • 3 Semesters Dean's List (3.75 GPA+)